Product Line & Pricing

Options for the Collectible Hangers product line–(Customized displays available on request…Contact us)

HOW TO ORDER — send an email to with the Part # of the display(s) you are interested in. If you can, include your shipping address. We will in-turn reply with questions or an invoice via PayPal.

  ****(All Shipping is Domestic US)****

55 Car Max; Price-  $33.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]  BEST SELLER

(see below for the ACTUAL Collectible Hangers pieces for Part# 02-05-11-055)

75 Car Max; Price-  $45.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]

120 Car Max; Price- $59.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]

224 Car Max; Price- $99.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]

33 Car Max; Price- $24.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]

22 Car Max; Price- $13.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]

11 Car Max; Price- $8.99  + shipping $ tbd*—-[ Contact US to order]

 * tbd- (to be determined) Shipping- we use actual pricing with provided shipping address.

–> Part# = “RailSizeTrackQtyCarQtyMaxQty

  • RailSize – Width in Feet
  • TrackQty – Quantity of vertical ‘D-Tracks’
  • CarQty – Quantity of cars per ‘D-Track’ (*Maximum number)
  • MaxQty*Maximum quantity of cars possible on display.
  • (* Maximum is dependent on size and placement of blister packs / cards)

Below are the actual pieces for the Collectible Hangers Part# 02-05-11-055

DSCN6161_Prod5_1200x900e[ D-Track color may vary ]

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