Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)– 

Please remember to keep the small parts and U-channel/rail out of the reach of children. The small parts can be a choking hazard and the U-channel/rail may have sharp corners. Collectible Hangers should always be installed and changed with adult supervision.

1) What are the different types of hanging packages that Collectible Hangers works with? -Q- Collectible Hangers can be used with many types of Hanging Packaging, the most popular can be see on our “Package Lingo” Page.

2) Can I request other Collectible Hangers product packages? -Q- Yes, you can contact us at customerservice@collectiblehangers.com to request a customized configuration. We welcome your requests and feedback!

3) Is there a way to connect D-Tracks together? -Q- While you can use a T-Plug to connect (2) D-Tracks together, we do however recommend ordering a custom sized D-Track. If you do connect D-Tracks together, please keep total weight in mind.

4) Can the U-Rails be connected together? -Q- They can be installed immediately next to each other. Currently we do not “connect” the U-Rails together. However, an additional U-M Clamp could be used to simulate a “connection” between the U-Rails.

5) The T-Plugs I have seem to large for my collectible package? -Q- Some of the protective plastic covers and/or coverings for some packaging (typically ‘Clamshell” type) have a smaller area for the T-Plug to fit. This happens when using the “LH” T-Plug. You can use the “SH” T-Plug (used for the U-Channel) in these instances. You can purchase additional T-Plugs from our accessories page.

6) The T-Plugs seem difficult to pull out of the D-Track? -Q- From time to time it may appear more difficult to pull the T-Plugs from the D-Track. Typically a back-and-forth twisting allows the T-Plug to pull out more easily. By design, the plugs are engineered to try and not ‘fall out’ of the D-Track to prevent damage to some collectible packaging.

7) Can the D-Tracks be “cut” if a shorter D-Track is required? -Q- The D-tracks can be “cut” to a shorter size if you so choose.