Customer Gallery


Customer Gallery- Some great examples of our wonderful customer’s displays using the CollHang ™ – family of products.

CollHang ™ family of products. a new way to display your hanging collectibles. Your hanging collectibles are just that, they are collectible products purchased in ‘hanging’ packages. This display system is a rail and track design that can handle all shapes and sizes of today’s blister packs, protector covers and clamshell packaging. While die-cast vehicles are the most common hanging collectible of this type, they are not the only ones. You can now find many different products from mini-skateboards, to airplanes, to star ships, to action figures. However, to introduce you to CollHang ™ products, we will focus on die-cast vehicles. And you should quickly see that CollHang ™ products are…


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Collectable Hangars 1DSCN2130_LargeDSCN2130-1200x900DSCN2132


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