CollHang® – An Introduction

The blister pack friendly display system! (2023)

Display – Part #02-05-11-055

Welcome to CollHang® – Your family of CollHang® products, a new way to display your hanging collectibles. Your hanging collectibles are just that, they are collectible products purchased in ‘hanging’ packages. This display system is a rail and track design that can handle all shapes and sizes of today’s blister packs, protector covers and clamshell packaging. While die-cast vehicles are the most common hanging collectible of this type, they are not the only ones. You can now find many different products from mini-skateboards, to airplanes, to star ships, to action figures. However, to introduce you to CollHang® products, we will focus on die-cast vehicles. And you should quickly see that CollHang® products are…

“The secure and flexible way to display your hanging collectibles.”

IMG_1882_600x450And now you can even hang your display on your door! Introducing the CollHang® Door Hook for your Collectible Hangers display. You can hang your current display or order one specific to your door size. The Door Hook is ‘attached’ (placed) over the top of your door. The U-M Rail is held in place by the Door Hooks. You then hang you D-Tracks and place your vehicles as normal. Take advantage of that unused space without putting holes in your doors!

Display – Part # 02-05-11-055 (Mid-Assembly)

The rail and track system allows you to configure your display for any width and height package to be placed on the display. Here is an example of a display with a partial view of the pieces involved. The top horizontal rail is mounted to the wall with the special rail clamps. The vertical tracks are mounted to the rail with special pins/plugs. The packages/vehicles are mounted to the tracks with a pin/plug per package. See Pricing or our Video.

Collectible Hangers Diecast DisplayThe ‘Mustang Alley’ display shown here is a quick example of the flexibility of CollHang® products. This custom display is made of Mustang die-cast cars in an “M”-configuration. These are the standard (blister pack) size and type of die-cast card packaging. [Further below is a diagram of a “Typical (Blister Pack) Die-Cast Packaging” or “Card”]

As you read through the website, you will see how CollHang® products can be used with various hanging package sizes and types. Especially “Clamshell/Full BCollectible Hangers Diecast Displaylister” die-cast packaging (shown here). For further information on packaging types see the Package “lingo” page.

See Pricing or our Video.

Below you will find an example of a slot type display and how the identical cars would look with CollHang® products. By “slot type” display, we refer to the displays that hold a single type and size card, where the cards are inserted and slid down between ‘slots’ to rest on each other. Today’s cards come in multiple sizes and the cars are inside the plastic shell (or ‘Blister’) on the card which also vaCollectible Hangers Diecast Display Blister Packry in size. In other words, the cards are the same size, but the plastic shell holding the car on the card is not always uniform in shape or size, and most importantly is the height. (We talk further about this on the website and give more examples. see more shapes and sizes)

The displays below are designed to hold 120 cars/cards. These demonstrate how the slot type display cannot give you the finished product that CollHang® allows. Because the plastic shells holding the cars/cards are of various heights (some examples outlined in red), as the cars/cards are set on top of each other, the end height of each row varies and is not even across the top of the display. One row actually can only have 14 cars/cards or it would be way too high for the display. The end row as well has 14 cars/cards because that is the total quantity of cars/cards in the set here.

Slot Type Display (118 car set)

Collectible Hangers Diecast Display

With the CollHang® display below, we can have each row end at the exact same point. The design of the CollHang® product system allows you to vary the placement of each car so you can achieve a uniform design. The end row as well has 14 cars/cards but can still have each one placed to present an even finish. Looking closely, you can see where some cars/cards are raised to allow for higher plastic shells and to build uniformity between all the rows. The end result is a very even display that is certainly pleasing to the eye. Again, a secure and flexible way to display your hanging collectibles!

CollHang® (118 car set) Part- #03-08-15-120

Collectible Hangers Diecast Display
Display – Part #03-08-15-120

See more on our “Quick Look” page. Or take a look at more Packaging Examples.

And have a look at more Display Examples. See our Customer’s Displays!

Display – Part #03-08-28-224

Here is a custom display with 224 cars. We could have placed 304 cars in the same area, but the extra spacing between the blister packs was preferred. This is approximately 3 feet wide by 5 feet or so tall. Nice!

Here is a custom display with almost 700 cars !!! WOW… This is approximately 7 feet wide by 5 feet or so tall. COOL!

Display – CUSTOMER Part #08-20-34-680

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