Part# 02-05-11-055

A closer look at Part# 02-05-11-055 and how you can use it…


Examples 1— Maximum ‘standard size’ blister pack cards.
Optimized for a Total of 55 ‘standard size’ diecast blister packs.

A1) Shows (5) D-Tracks spaced evenly along the U-Rail.  The D-Tracks are attached to the U-Rail with the SH-T-Plugs.
       [NOTE: The U-M clamps can be placed further in or apart as the design requires.]

A1) DSCN6916


B1) DSCN6924



C1) DSCN6951

Examples 2— Full view of ‘art work’ on blister pack cards. Total of 8.

A2) Shows 2 Tracks, with both tracks having placement of the LH-T-Plugs.
B2) Shows the 4 cars placed with their associated LH-T-Plugs.
C3) Shows all 8 cars placed utilizing both tracks and 8 T-Plugs.

A2)2T-30in_StarW-02   B2) 2T-30in_StarW-03   C2)  2T-30in_StarW-04b